How to apply for Canada Grants

Apply for Canada grants

We review some of the best ways to help you write and complete Canadian Government grant proposal forms.

In this site, we’ve included a introductory, step-by-step tutorial we put together to help you complete a grant proposal form (see below) … but of course, there’s an easier way – by using one of the many Canada grants online services. If you want expert advice and the latest details and don’t mind spending a couple of dollars to cover the cost of shipping, then there are a few specialist agents who can help with a complete package that will do all the work for you. We’ve got detailed reviews of both packages further down the page, or just click on one of the links below to order your free grant info package:

We’ve reviewed some of the best-know and provide our thoughts on which might be best for you – look at the bottom of this page for more details or click on one of the links below to order your free grant info package:

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How to Write a Grant Proposal

If you’re a citizen, or resident of Canada, and are ready to apply for a federal or provincial government grant, the next few steps include planning, creating, and executing your grant proposal. The actual grant proposal is one of the most important documents for anyone seeking to obtain a grant.

Reasons to Apply for a Grant

Government Grants are free money, given by the Canadian Government. They may require strict guidelines for you to receive a grant, but the money never needs to be repaid. This is why so many individuals and national organizations seek to obtain a grant. There are grants for all sorts of projects and grants that are available in all industries. The key is to do careful research and see what your state or federal agencies have available, as well checking on national grants available from the private sector.

Writing a grant Proposal

If you’ve decided not to hire a professional grant writer, it will be important for you to learn the essentials of writing a grant proposal. The grant proposal will contain the key elements that will guide the grantee towards his or her decision in giving you a federal grant. Therefore, it’s important to write it clearly and be credible with facts and figures.

Before writing your grant proposal, be sure to understand the very nature of why you are in need of money. This may be obvious, but if you haven’t thought it through, detail-by-detail, you won’t convince the grantee to give you that grant!

The Elements of a Good Grant Proposal

A grant proposal begins with an outline or table of contents. In this section, you will highlight the various aspects of your grant proposal. Before even proceeding with an outline or grant proposal, be sure to carefully study the exact guidelines provided to you by the organization giving out the grant. Your own table of contents will keep you on track as you make your way into writing the grant proposal.

Most grant proposals are 15 pages or less. Study the guidelines carefully to determine how you will write your grant proposal and which sections will require more research and intense work on your part.

What Grant Proposals Include

Most people who want to apply for a grant take an introduction class on grant proposal writing. In these classes, you learn about all the various components of a grant proposal. How to write one becomes easier as you dissect it and work on one part at a time. Sample grant proposals can be found online, and many grant programs offer assistance. Study them carefully and see how each section requires you to provide important, relevant information. The grant proposal may include one or more of the following listing below. Remember, each organization has its own requirements and guidelines. Typically, you’ll need to include:

  • Title
  • Table of Contents
  • Introduction
  • Statement of Need
  • Objectives
  • Project Description
  • Project Management
  • Evaluation
  • Supplemental and/or Future Funding
  • Budget
  • Appendices

The list and various components of a grant proposal may be called something different from grant guideline to grant guideline. Stick to the exact words and directions given and be specific, clear, and grammatically correct to make the grant application process much easier. Let various people carefully read your grant proposal. See if anyone offers any suggestions, makes corrections or has further input into making the grant proposal better. The more eyes and input from friends or co-workers in various aspects of the organization, the better. Your goal in the end is to have a professional, error-free grant proposal that you can submit to agencies of your choice to help you land the federal money for your needs.

To make it all easier, we’ve reviewed the best products for doing all this for you, so you can concentrate on using the money to do good things.

Reviews of Grant Application Services

Grants Canada

canada grant checkGrants Canada is an established consultancy that provides one-to-one support and advice, with the latest database of available grants and a great set of templates and forms to help provide you with the best chance of succeeding with your application.

This program comes with grant writing software and templates (you just fill in a few fields such as your name and address of where you want your check to come to, etc.) and it prints out a ready made grant application.

To get started, visit the Grants Canada website and either contact them by phone or answer a couple of questions to see if you qualify for the Grant Funding Kit.